Postdoc Program

keygene postdoc programHave you got the talent?

The world population is growing, aging and in some parts more obese. Next to that, natural resources suffer from exhaustion and we need to face the dangers of climate change. These problems make it important to find ways to improve yield, health and production of crops with innovative traits in a sustainable way.

KeyGene is one of the world leaders in executing cutting edge research in the field of  molecular plant genetics. To keep on delivering sustainable molecular genetic responses to the world’s needs for yield stability and quality of crops, KeyGene depends on attracting and retaining scientific talent. Our Postdoc talent pool is of critical importance for our scientific contributions to our customers. The Postdocs add significantly to the scientific vibrancy of our company.

The Postdoc program will provide you valuable experience, a.o. by working on your research project, by working jointly with KeyGene scientists on research, by presenting your work on seminars, by developing your scientific and personal skills. It will provide you good credentials to continue your career after your time at  KeyGene. KeyGene’s Postdoc program has become a strong pool of unique, international scientists with a strong drive towards innovation. This special and unique program for Postdocs offers excellent research topics and a wide range of development activities for Postdocs. Per year on average around 5 Postdocs are working in this program. The Postdocs together form a highly stimulating and productive group of researchers active in an international environment devoted to  bring breeding solutions using natural genetic variation.

Strategic projects
The research projects you conduct are directly connected to KeyGene’s strategic plan and your area of interest. The topics will be suitable to generate sufficient data and discoveries that can lead to publications and patents.