Development and Training

keygene postdoc programYour Career & Development Plan

We invite every Postdoc to write an individual Career & Development Plan. It will help you identifying professional development needs and career objectives. This plan will be the base of your scientific development and further training and development within KeyGene.

Gaining valuable research experience is the important element in your plan. Working towards scientific publications or patent applications is part of this. Next to that, there’s a whole world to learn on topics like, scientific communication, project management, grant and IP writing, business attitude and commercialization skills.

Your Development & Training

Meetings with Program Leader and Mentor
Every two months you will meet with your Program Leader and the other Postdocs. There is room for discussing scientific progress, personal development and getting to know more about topics like project management and finance. These topics will be guided by skilled KeyGene staff. Furthermore, visits to other companies can be part of the program.

Postdoc  group activities
It is expected that you will meet on a regular basis to discuss the projects, scientific papers and career development topics. Next to that, you will contribute to the annual seminar, hosted by the Postdoc group. Furthermore, you will have meetings with counterparts in other organizations and/or universities.

Together with your mentor you will define the approaches to obtain specific knowledge and skills, based on your career and  development plan. KeyGene offers a group training program with diverse  trainings to choose from. In addition, other ways to strengthen yourself in  specific areas are available, e.g. presenting seminars within Keygene and  elsewhere, poster presentations, joining Business Development etc.