keygene postdoc program

Program Leader
The Postdoc program leader is Prof. Dr. Arjen van Tunen, CEO of KeyGene. He coordinates and leads the Postdoc program. He will make sure that it stays a program that meets your expectations and offers you scientific challenges as well as personal development.

For every Postdoc a mentor will be appointed. This is a senior scientist who is responsible for the day-to-day coaching and practical guidance of the Postdoc. In addition, the mentor will help you with identifying developmental areas and career objectives and will discuss your career and development plan.

Senior leaders and scientists
The Postdoc program leader is assisted by a distinguished team of colleagues, skilled in science, management, entrepreneurship, life sciences and career development. They will guide you in specific areas of your scientific and personal development. Some of the senior leaders:

  • Dr. Michiel van Eijk, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr. Michiel de Both, Program Scientist Technology & Trait Mechanisms
  • Dr. Edwin van der Vossen, Vice-President Field Crops