Recruit Your Employer!

Event date: 22/06/2017

What about your career? Already several years on track and ready for a next challenging step? Or did you just finish study and about to start with your career? Looking for an employer where you can (further) deploy and develop your talents? You can start right here! By joining our RECRUIT YOUR EMPLOYER event. At this event with inspirational sessions you will be able to get to know KeyGene (better), meet up with our experts and find out if we can be part of your future career. Feel invited to join!

We are continuously looking for new talents and perhaps you are one of them! Whether you’re a young, ambitious scientist or an enthusiastic technician (MSc, BSc or PhD) in a relevant field, we would love to meet you.

A relevant field could be: biotechnology, plant breeding, moleculair biology, applied biology, cell biology, traits/plant diseases, bioinformatica, data science or mathematics/ statistics in combination with biology

Would you like to join our RECRUIT YOUR EMPLOYER event? Show your interest by clicking the button I am interested. A few questions will be asked about your background and career. We will use your answers to find out if there’s an initial fit with KeyGene. To ensure you get the most out of your valuable time. Within one week we will get back to you to let you know if we think there’s a match.

Let’s meet and connect at our event!

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The program will contain inspiration sessions, speed dates, round table sessions and networking.

Jesse van Doren,  Growth hacker → How to use social media to build your career
Raymond Hulzink and Charlie Underwood, researchers at KeyGene → Academia or industry? Where do I fit most?
Nicola Bonzanni, founder Enpicom → From researcher to startup

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