Explore partnership with KeyGene for co-development innovative plant-based protein crops

For more than 27 years KeyGene positively contributes through the products of its clients to more tasty, nutritious and sustainable produced crops. Partnering for growth is in our DNA, using the next generation, cool and innovative plant breeding technologies. To attractively drive the availability of commercial varieties. With the unprecedented global growth and increasing consumer demand for nutritious and healthier plant-based proteins we want to participate in connecting the European value chain.

 Future protein agenda for Europe
350+ global value chain stakeholders are shaping the future protein agenda for Europe during the 10th Protein Summit 2017 (26-28 Sept, Reims, France). “Aligning and getting all value chain partners committed is crucial.” It would be great when more seed companies and farmer organisations participate and join forces to accelerate co-development of farmer-attractive commercial varieties.”

Meet KeyGene during 10th Protein Summit!
During the summit Herco van Liere, VP Business Development KeyGene will share (1) his view on the challenges, (2) some inspiring examples of added value products from the seed industry and (3) the learnings and contribution for success.

If you are interested to meet Herco van Liere in Reims, please contact: or +31629031516.