Crops like maize, wheat and soybean offer protein/starch rich sources for animal nutrition. KeyGene has extensive knowledge about these crops and is dedicated to assist its customers with their breeding, development and implementation of plant knowledge into profitable crops. Below are examples of some of the projects we’ve delivered.

The tropical maize genome exploited

Improved genetics is key

keygeneWhile maize is the most widely grown crop globally, the majority of it is used as animal feed, followed by industrial consumption for starch and other industrial products. The rising demand for maize as animal feed and food is boosting tropical maize hybrid penetration in countries like India and Brasil. For example in the next 5 to 10 years India's domestic demand for tropical maize is forecasted to outstrip supply. The country's maize demand is forecast to grow by 36% in the next four years touching 30 million tonne in 2017, and double within the next nine years to touch about 44 million tonne by 2022. Improved genetics is the key to increasing maize yields.
How to do this?

The benefits of a genome sequencetropical maize

Seed companies have well organized their breeding cycle and deliver new maize varieties through hybrid development, novel genetic variation, (re)combined variation and (phenotypic) selection. By generating a tropical maize sequence maize companies can further discover and exploit the full breath of their breeding material. The benefits of such genome sequence is accelerated trait development, with delivering new products faster to the market, with IP potential. Access to the tropical maize sequence allows companies for example to re-sequence, perform trait gene discovery, gene editing, breaking linkage drags and find causative SNP markers.

Access to the Tropical Maize Sequencing

This shared cost initiative has started in 2014 and can be accessed when interested. For more information contact Herco van Liere

Goal: discover and exploit the full breath of your breeding material.
high quality reference genome sequence for your tropical maize breeding germplasm
- optional: Tropical CornPedia - user friendly data integration, data visualization and data mining tool (more information can be found here)
- optional: resequencing of a set of important tropical maize lines to exploit your own material better.