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130827_Keygene-ALG_034-2Inquire about Genotyping
Looking for a fast, cost-effective and robust genotyping method? Via a random, fixed or re-sequencing technology? KeyGene offers solutions for every question related to genotyping. There is always one for you.



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Inquire about KeyBox
KeyBox is the smallest mobile phenotyping capturing equipment, easy to take to your field sites or greenhouse. Ideal for plant parts like fruits, seeds, roots, leaves and seedlings.



illustratie SNPSelectInquire about KeyGene® SNPSelect
KeyGene® SNPSelect offers the opportunity for scaling any combination of SNPs and samples into one genotyping experiment. KeyGene® SNPSelect assays are easy to design and quickly ready to use.



keygene WGPInquire about Whole Genome Profiling 
Whole Genome Profiling (WGP™) is a novel technology developed by Keygene N.V. for building a physical map of Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) clones.