Postdoctoral researchers / Research Scientists for MC IF

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KeyGene – the crop innovation company
KeyGene is the go-to AgBiotech company for higher crop yield & quality. With our intellectual capital, solution driven approach and collaborative spirit, we work for the future of global agriculture with partners in the AgriFood sector. Using our proprietary technologies and non-GM approaches, we support customers with the development of new and improved crops. Our goal is to help organizations with their toughest R&D challenges, combining our cutting edge breeding technologies, bioinformatics & data science expertise and trait platforms. At KeyGene, we work in an international environment with more than 140 professionals from all over the world. Our company is based in Wageningen, Netherlands and Rockville, MD, USA. www.keygene.comKeyGene invites

Postdoctoral researchers / Research Scientists

to apply jointly with KeyGene for the EC Marie Sklodowska-Curie 2017 Individual Fellowship
KeyGene application nr: 17.100MC

To be taken at: KeyGene, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Field of Action:
Suggestions for fields of action for the application are:

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Computational Breeding methods
  • Genome Editing and Mutation Breeding
  • Digital Phenotyping
  • Lead Discovery and Lead Validation
  • Big Data science
  • Biotic Stress Resistance (insects, nematodes, viruses, fungi)
  • Reproduction Traits (double haploids, apomixis, meiosis)
  • Novel crops
  • or other relevant and innovative research topics (e.g. in plant sciences, breeding, molecular genetics, applied genetics, molecular biology, bio-informatics, data science).

About Marie Skladowska-Curie Individual Fellowship:
The MC Individual Fellowship (IF) is a prestigious European funding scheme that supports mobility, career development, and training within and beyond Europe, and offers 12-24 months’ highly competitive salary and research funds. The goal of the MC IF is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers, wishing to diversify their individual competence in terms of skill acquisition through advanced training, international and interdisciplinary mobility. For more information about the MC IF, please visit this website.

Eligibility: Applicants must satisfy the two requirements below:

  1. Experience: Researchers in possession of a Ph.D. degree.
  2. Mobility: at the time of deadline for submission of the proposal (14 September 2017) the researcher must not have worked or resided in the Netherlands for more than 36 months within the past five years.

 Candidate’s profile qualifications to work at KeyGene:

  • D. in a relevant area (e.g. plant sciences, breeding, molecular genetics, applied genetics, molecular biology, bio informatics, data science)
  • Scientific expertise with demonstrated relevant experience and a track record of high impact publications and/or patents
  • Strong and inspiring vision on innovative concepts for R&D in the field of molecular breeding and trait development
  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial and customer-oriented researcher
  • Keen interest to translate R&D into applied science
  • Networker with solid communicative skills

Duration of the Program: max. 24 months

How to apply for KeyGene’s support for an MC IF application:
Your application for KeyGene MC IF support must be in English and consist of:

  • a cover letter (incl. information on your research area(s) and your career learning goal)
  • your curriculum vitae and
  • a max. two-page research proposal summary

Applications must be sent by email to Mrs. Angelique Philipsen, VP HR & CA, by 25 May 2017 latest. Please mention KeyGene application number 17.100MC in your letter of application.

All applicants will receive feedback on their application in May. A number of candidates will be selected and invited to pitch their draft research proposal for the MC IF application at KeyGene on June 22, 2017. Based on these pitches a limited number of candidates will be selected and linked to a KeyGene mentor who will support the candidate with their MC IF application filing. In case the MC IF application is granted, the candidate will be offered a temporary employment contract at KeyGene (Wageningen, NL), a possibility to work on innovative research and personal career development goals. 

More information:
Additional information about the research can be obtained from Dr. Michiel van Eijk, Chief Scientific Officer (T +31 317 466866; email: For more information about the procedure, please contact Mrs. Tiny Swemers, HR Advisor (T +31 317 466866; email