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Abiotic Stress Resistances

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Abiotic environmental stresses are a major limitation to crop yields and production worldwide and are expected to intensify with our changing climate and a growing population aspiring for more diverse, higher quality foods. These changes will both place limits on current production methods and open new markets to expand crops to new regions and cropping systems.

At KeyGene, we see opportunities to address these challenges through the ambitious application of the most advanced non-transgenic breeding technologies. Whether we’re identifying the genetic control of existing abiotic stress tolerance in your favorite breeding lines or creating new variation in key regulatory genes, we work closely with you to find the technological approaches that will most quickly produce improved plants in your fields. Do you want a more water use efficient tomato? A melon that can stand more saline irrigation? A soybean that can survive the chill of earlier sowing? What’s your stress tolerance trait?

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