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Biotic Stress Resistances


Crops encounter a wide range of biotic attackers that include microbial pathogens and insect pests, viruses and other organisms. These organisms one-way-or-another withdraw nutrient from their host and thus severely impact crop yield and marketability (before and after harvesting the crop). The attacking strategies range from complete defoliation or biting of reproductive organs by chewing insects to equally damaging tissue maceration by fungal and bacterial diseases.

More subtle creature -so-called biotrophic organisms- for a large part keep their hosts alive. These organisms include bacteria, oomycetous pathogens, but also attackers such as root-knot nematodes, aphids and other phloem sap feeding insects. To ensure a continuous nutrient supply these organisms rely heavily on an intimate interaction with the host and thus need to avoid recognition and/or suppression of plant defenses.

Together with our clients we develop innovative ways to protect vegetable and row crops from an array of attackers that severely reduce our food and feed potential.
Our approach is three-fold:
i. know your enemy and its attacking strategy;
ii. search for resistant germplasm among wild relatives of our crops. This strategy often includes setting-up semi-high throughput precision phenotyping to identify such novel sources for marker assisted breeding;
iii. if no suitable existing variation in wild relative can be found we create novel resistant pre-breeding material through the use of KeyPoint® Mutation Breeding.

New targeted traits in your germplasm.

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New variable traits in your germplasm.

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