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Variation is the most precious resource of breeders. In addition, time and field capacity are crucial and valuable resources. It would be great to know in advance which crosses to make and which crosses not to make, or to know which part of the progeny would be the high performing one, without entering the lines into field trials. KeyGene’s breeding strategies are designed to provide decision support for these types of questions, based on genomic knowledge.

Genomic selection methods are based on statistical prediction models that use large amount of random genetic markers, which have been screened on large germplasms sets, in order to predict phenotypic performance of untested germplasm. This procedure will save time and space and will enable breeders to focus their valuable time on only those parts of the germplasm that have the highest chance of becoming the winning genotypes. It will only be practical and feasible if the predictions are accurate and if marker screening and model development are cheaper and faster than the field evaluation of performance.

KeyGene has developed statistical algorithms to make such selection strategies feasible in practice. In addition to a prediction of performance, we also provide measures on how reliable the predictions are and we offer choice between different selection strategies that balance the risk of selecting the right genotypes versus the gain of achieving cost savings. We’ve also developed a specific tool set that designs crossings schemes. This offers the optimal solution for the challenge of combining multiple favorable alleles from very different lines into one genotype. The statistical toolset is generic, but the implementation in each and every different breeding program is very much customized.

We are looking forward to discussing genomic breeding strategies with you.

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