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What would be the reasons for a company to invest in plant biotechnology and what are the benefits and risks? An enormous amount of possibilities of applying plant biotechnology are available, but which ones are relevant; for the company, the crop, the process? How to make sure that the vast amount of information and results that are being generated in plant biotechnology really impact and improve the variety development process? What would be the proper order and timing to implement plant biotechnology in the company?

The answers or advice concerning questions like these are very relevant if you are considering investments or increased investments in plant biotechnology. The senior staff of KeyGene is offering her experience with respect to effect and impact of plant biotechnology as well as her expert knowledge of technological opportunities. This type of consultancy is tailor made, based on partner requests and can be either a short confined assignment, or a longer term access to advice and expertise. Specific training and workshop sessions for employees of partner companies, covering all areas of modern plant biotechnology, including that of bioinformatics, and can be designed and executed on-site or at the facilities of KeyGene.

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