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KeyBase is a powerful mutagenesis method to introduce specific point mutations in targeted positions in plant genomes.

Breeding is all about combining genetic diversity available in worldwide germplasm to produce crop varieties with superior qualities. However, natural genetic variation in available germplasm of food crops is limited and will soon become insufficient to address the great food security challenge of producing enough food to feed a growing world population. Plant breeders are therefore continuously searching for new sources of genetic variation, and are increasingly interested in novel technologies allowing for the creation of such variation. KeyBase® is such a technology. KeyBase® permits the the creation of novel single point mutations at pre-defined positions in the genome of the crop of interest by means of the introduction of short oligonucleotides. However minute, such changes can have tremendous advantages for the crop and can result in yield increase, drought tolerance, insect resistance or increased sugar content, just to name a few. Imagine drought resistant corn growing in arid regions of Africa… That is what we are aiming at with KeyBase®.

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