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Reproduction Traits

A challenge of breeding:  exploiting all natural or induced variety, in a fast changing world. This variety will pave the way to new valuable traits. However, to access all variety it is essential to understand plant reproduction.

Where would we be without reproduction? KeyGene has built up significant expertise on plant reproduction covering a broad range of research topics. Nowadays, from an initially more general mechanistic viewpoint, opportunities have risen which allow to completely unravel the molecular genetic mechanisms of plant reproduction processes. KeyGene’s scientists have an established international scientific network. Contacts with leading academic groups on one side and good relations with many parties from the industry at the other side, position KeyGene in a perfect niche for reproduction biology research. This, in combination with good cell biology facilities and expertise on a range of crops, makes us to come up with innovative solutions for your reproduction biology projects. Unraveling the mechanism of cytoplasmic male sterility, sequencing plant mitochondrial DNA with PacBio RS technology, a large internal research program on apomixis, are but a few of the activities of our scientists. We challenge you to challenge us with your plant reproduction topics.

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