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Sequence-Based Genotyping

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Looking for a technology in which genome wide SNP discovery and genotyping of large populations is achieved in a single experiment? KeyGene offers Sequence-Based Genotyping. This technology can be used without prior knowledge of your genome.

Sequence-Based Genotyping (SBG) combines restriction enzyme-mediated complexity reduction with the high-throughput sequencing capacity of Illumina platforms to score random markers across an entire genome. It is a robust method for high throughput discovery and simultaneous SNP genotyping in multiple DNA samples. The applications are numerous i.e.

  • Co-dominant SNP Genotyping
  • Genetic Diversity Analysis
  • Genetic Mapping
  • QTL Mapping
  • Bulk Segregant Analysis
  • Mapping to Whole Genome Sequence
  • Discovery of (rare) SNP variants
  • Genome Wide Association Mapping
  • Genomic Selection/Prediction.

Advantages of the technology are: simultaneous discovery and detection of SNPs, Sequence-based SNP haplotype output, robust and flexible RE based complexity reduction method, multiplexing and bar-coding of DNA samples.

Check out our video about how KeyGene’s Sequence-Based Genotyping technology can support your molecular breeding program.

Want to let KeyGene perform your SBG analysis? We offer SBG as service. Click here to inquire a quote for your genotyping experiment: SBG quote.  More information can be found in the SBG leaflet or contact our expert.

KeyGene’s SBG technology is protected by patents and patent applications owned by KeyGene N.V. Read more in this press release. KeyGene offers nonprofit research organizations to obtain a license for the use of this technology. For more information and forms check our license opportunities here.

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