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Sequencing facilities

KeyGene was one of the first organizations in Europe to invest significantly in Next Generation Sequencing equipment. KeyGene has developed state-of-the-art expertise and a series of proprietary applications to enable high throughput sequence-based breeding. Our sequencing fleet includes: HiSeq™2500, MiSeq™ and PacBio RS® II. Recently, upgrades have been performed to our 2nd and 3rd generation of sequencers resulting in increased output and longer reads. Our latest development is participation in the MinION™ Access Programme (MAP) for portable sequencing. Scroll down for detailed information for each of the platforms. Download our flyer for more information here.

Resequencing & fast variant detection:

The HiSeq™ 2500 system is the ideal platform for providing fast and cost-effective re-sequencing of your lines with the aim to discover and understand sequence variation in your breeding germplasm. KeyGene’s in-house Multivariome Analysis Platform for the processing of high volume re-sequencing data, and the CropPedia system for data integration and visualization, has brought crop genomics to a next level.

Our offer:

  • Re-sequence (PCR-free library preparation and paired-end 125 bp sequencing) your lines of interest to an average depth of 25X coverage.
  • Perform fast variant detection with KeyGene’s Multivariome Analysis Platform: Optimized mapping and genotyping settings & SNP mining and annotation
  • Turnaround time 4-6 weeks depending on #samples and genome size

Offer applicable for a minimum of 24 samples.
Additionally: the data can be delivered as part of a CropPedia. Contact our expert Alexander Wittenberg.

Here you can find detailed information for each of KeyGene’s sequencing platforms:

Sequence facilitiesPacBio RS® II
The Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) sequencing of the PacBio RS® II generates ultra long reads (5  – 20 kb).



PEAPPromethION Access Programma
KeyGene takes part in the PromethION™’s early access programme, where our technology development group together with our bioinformatics specialist will be evaluating this miniaturized sensing system.



Illumina HiSeqIllumina HiSeq™2500 and MiSeq™
The new  HiSeq™2500 allows for a faster turnaround time. The new HiSeq v4 reagents increase the read lengths to 2 x 125 bases and generate more data output in less time. This platforms offers the ideal combination of a high output with low error rate.


Watch our video about what Keygene’s next generation sequencing facilities can do for your research.

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