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The challenges of a variety development program in any crop are complex. They will often require solutions and a research approach that can not be directly copied from a brochure or a web-site offering of products and services.

Imagine if you are interested in using molecular DNA tools to elucidate the genetics of a novel trait which has a high impact on the market opportunities of your varieties? Maybe you are interested in a novel strategy, based on DNA marker approaches that will increase gain of selection per cycle of your breeding program? What if you are in need of a genomic tool box that would enable you to have an overview and detailed knowledge of the variation in your breeding germplasm? And what if we would be able to design a strategy that can develop resistant germplasm to an as yet unresolved disease problem in our crop, based on in depth knowledge of the molecular mechanism of the plant / pathogen interaction?

These types of challenges require a tailored, detailed and comprehensive research approach. The scientists of KeyGene have 25 years of experience in designing such research proposals, combining scientific excellence with project management in a commercial, result oriented environment. The combination of skills from the areas of biology, genetics, breeding, DNA Technology and bioinformatics are combined in a team effort to optimally address the research challenges. We realize that interaction with the experts of our partners and their active participation in the research is crucial for the success and commercial applicability of the research results produced. We invite you to share your ambition to improve with us in order to tailor a research approach that will fit.


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