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WGP™2.0 – More for less

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Assemble your genome sequence to the highest quality

Do you have a strong need for a high quality physical map which you can link to your whole genome sequences? Or you have identified a region in the genome containing genes you want to clone? With KeyGene’s WGP™ technology you get high quality sequence tags from BACs which are assembled into contigs.

With WGP™2.0 technology we generate sequence based physical maps with average BAC contig sizes now in the 2-4 Mbp range and at 20-30% lower cost. The following improvements have been made to the original WGP™ technology:

  1. a filtering step to remove > 90% of putative chimeric BACs
  2. the creation of  “SuperBACs” by pre-clustering BACs sharing high proportion of WGP tags
  3. improved FPC assembly

“The quality of any genome assembly ultimately depends on the chosen sequence strategy, and is heavily impacted by the establishment of a physical map, especially for highly complex plant genomes. In addition an accurate physical map is essential for the isolation of trait genes through positional cloning approaches, representing a major tool for modern breeding” – Hélène Berges (INRA)

Check the webinar about WGP™2.0 presented by Michiel van Eijk for detailed information:

“Many of our clients for whom we generate BAC libraries, go on to generate a physical map with the WGP technology. Depending on their goals and resources, this enables them to either generate a high quality reference genome sequence or to target local regions of interest for BAC-by- BAC sequencing” – Robert Bogden (Amplicon Express)

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