Crop Innovation Platforms

Crop Innovation Platforms

By deploying our six crop innovation platforms in a tailored way, we aim to support partners to further innovate in plant breeding and research, in order to improve yield and quality. We support in any crop or trait of interest and for any stage of breeding innovation that is included in the research and breeding of our partners.

Genomic Breeding

Trait Discovery

The Digital Phenotype

Cell & tissue design

Genome Insights

Precision Breeding

Real leaps in crop innovation often start by leaps in gained genome insights. In our Genome Insights platform we therefore develop and apply the best high molecular weight plant DNA isolation protocols and deploy the most recent and most powerful DNA & RNA sequencing technologies. We develop tailored applications, bioinformatics and interfaces for data-viewing and data interpreting. With these, we build strong genomic- and genetic understanding that helps breeders to improve their breeding effectivity and success.


Gained genome insights offer new and better possibilities to improve important plant traits. In our Trait Discovery platform, we identify and functionally validate markers and genes for relevant traits. It’s the unique combination of traits that make up innovative varieties, bring successes in the market and offer possibilities for improved protection of intellectual property rights.


When genes for traits have been discovered, the expression of these genes determines the crop’s performance. This performance is the result of the combination of the genetic makeup of the plant and the environment in which the plant grows. In our Digital Phenotype platform we support partners in predicting plant’s performance in complex traits by combining genetic data with phenotypic data. Our data scientists develop and apply artificial intelligence and other algorithms to obtain the best possible phenotype description based upon high throughput imaging and image analysis.


Breeders sometimes want to improve traits beyond the range of the trait that is available in their germplasm. Here our Precision Breeding platform comes in. We develop and apply techniques to obtain mutations in functionally validated genes in our partners’ crop of interest. Applying our expertise on gene and protein interactions, we deliver plants that exceed the existing range in traits like yield, healthy compounds content and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.


To successfully apply precision breeding, the regeneration abilities of cells and tissues need to be optimized. Cells’ and tissues’ performance are also of importance when developing novel concepts of seed production. In our Cell & Tissue Design platform, we design protocols, cells and tissues that optimally serve our partners’ needs.


Breeders want to have the best possible breeding strategy for every crop and breeding target, each and every year. With our expertise in quantitative and statistical genetics, the backbone of our Genomic Breeding platform, we support partners to improve parent selection, breeding schemes and selection processes, using genome-wide information on DNA, RNA and metabolites.

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