KeyGene’s Spring 2019 Meetup on Genome Insights

March 21, 2019

Including contest: Get a whole plant genome sequenced & assembled for free!

On Thursday March 21, 2019 KeyGene organizes a meetup on the perspectives of genome insights for innovation in plant breeding and plant sciences. The focus of this meetup is on the promises of long read sequencing, using Oxford Nanopore Technology platforms for plant breeding and research. Researchers from industry and academia will present the progress they made and the genome insights they obtained by using this technology. Participants can choose to participate ‘off line’ or ‘interactive on-line’.

Get a whole plant genome sequenced & assembled for free!
Whole genome sequencing at KeyGene is so powerful that this now becomes within reach for any plant breeder and scientist. That is why KeyGene organizes a contest: participants to the meeting who register before February 1, 2019, can ‘enter’ a plant genome during the registration. One of these participants will be selected for a free of charge sequencing & assembly of his/her plant genome.

For more details and registration, please visit the event-page 

Further information: send a mail to KeyGene’s communication team

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