Apomixis – A Game Changer in Breeding

In 2050 the world population has grown to 9 billion people. The food production is challenged. It has to be done on less land with a smaller environmental footprint. The climate change demands for better adapted crops to local environments. Preferably the crops have to be developed in a fairly quick way. However, our current breeding process is time-consuming and expensive.

Today, most seeds are so-called F1-hybrids. For the production of these F1 hybrids homozygous parents are needed. The creation of the (homozygous) parents is very challenging and the F1 hybrids seeds have to be made every year over and over again. However, as the yield of F1 hybrid seeds is higher than those of its parents breeders prefer to keep using this rather complicated breeding system.

Unless there will be an alternative!

White paper: Apomixis – game changer in breeding