Harvesting oilseed rape without seed losses

Due to the large size of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) plants, the plants fall over during logging. This makes harvesting of the seeds much more difficult and as a consequence seed losses will occur.

The KeyGene approach

A solution for this is the use of dwarf genotypes. At first, genes are identified involved at dwarfing.  By the introduction of mutations new alleles can be introduced without losing the specific traits i.e. oil composition and seed yield.


By the use of Brassica napus dwarf genotypes seeds will be easier to harvest and therefore less or no seed losses will take place. Another important aspect is that this can be applied in own material of breeding companies.

Applied technologies

The Keypoint® Breeding technology is used for both the introduction of mutations and the high-throughput screening of the mutant plants by massive sequencing of the involved genes.