DNA-Day 2021: win a top-quality HMW DNA isolation from your plant tissue!

April 21, 2021

Isolating high-quality genomic DNA from plant tissue can be a challenge. Especially when you want to obtain very long fragments, with which you can optimally use the capabilities of long-read platforms from Oxford Nanopore Technologies or Pacific Biosciences. Isolated DNA having intact very long DNA fragments is called high molecular weight (HMW) DNA.

At KeyGene we have an impressive track record and unique capabilities in developing and using protocols for the isolation of high-quality plant DNA. That is one of the reasons why we were among the first to adopt long-read DNA sequencing for optimal plant-DNA sequencing when the long read platforms arrived in the market. Our technological advantage in DNA isolation could thus be optimally used in our research projects for industry and academics.

KeyGene scientists continue to develop innovative and further optimize current plant-DNA isolation methods, as we think we can still improve, adding extra value to our research. Especially keeping in mind the ultra-long reads (>100Kb) that are now feasible on the Oxford Nanopore Platform. The ideal dream would be to be able to sequence entire chromosomes so that assembly will not be a challenge anymore.

Our clients and other partners already continuously benefit from our DNA isolation capabilities. To celebrate DNA-Day 2021, we are giving away prizes: two HMW DNA isolations to (pre) breeders, scientists, PhD-students or PostDocs working in plants like fruit-, ornamental- and field crops or wild plants. The isolated DNA can be used for long-read DNA sequencing, on one of the long-read sequencing platforms at a partner of the winners’ choice.

So, are you a breeder, scientist, PostDoc or a PhD-student working in fruit-, ornamental- or field crops or wild plants? You can then participate in this contest offered by KeyGene!

Send a mail to DNA-Day@keygene.com, ultimately Sunday 25th  April, mentioning

  • your favorite research plant
  • why you think this high quality, high molecular weight DNA isolation of your favorite plant/crop can make an important difference for your research or breeding.

We will announce the winner(s) and the crops/plants of choice in May 2021.