High-tech for better crop varieties

August 15, 2017

The Government of the Netherlands recently published a brochure, presenting a brief overview of the role of Dutch companies, policymakers and researchers in the development of quality seed and seed sectors globally.

The Dutch seed sector enjoys a global leading position. Dutch seed companies operate on a global scale. The Dutch government, too, is very proactive in providing a supportive policy framework. The Netherlands’ research and education sector, as well as its inspection services, are among the best worldwide. Over the next few years, the demand for food is set to increase – in Africa, Asia and Latin America in particular. Quality seed is essential in order to meet this demand. The Netherlands is keen to share its expertise in order to support the development of strong seed sectors that can contribute to global food and nutrition security.

The brochure includes an interview with Arjen van Tunen (CEO KeyGene) about high-tech for better crop varieties. Below you can read the interview with Arjen (page 32).