Press release – KeyGene Licenses University of Wisconsin Sequence-Based Genotyping Patents

January 15, 2018

KeyGene and the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced today that they have entered into a service license agreement to practice KeyGene’s patented Sequence Based Genotyping (SBG) methods. Under the agreement, UW-Madison, through its Biotechnology Center (UWBC), is licensed to offer SBG services in all species to research collaborators and clients worldwide.

The SBG technology delivers thousands of genetic variants of any organism in a rapid and highly cost-efficient manner. SBG methods have found broad use in diverse areas of biotechnology, including molecular crop improvement, mammalian and microbial genetics, germplasm characterization and evolutionary studies. KeyGene’s global SBG patent portfolio protects a vast array of methods for sequence based analysis of non targeted genetic variation, including SBG and variants known as Genotyping-by Sequencing and RADSeq, as well as various targeted amplification methods. KeyGene licenses its patent portfolio to academic and commercial organizations globally.
Michiel van Eijk, Chief Scientific Officer of KeyGene states:

“SBG is a mature technology driving discovery and application of genetic markers in many species. University Wisconsin is a leading, world-renowned institution acting at the forefront of innovation and KeyGene is proud to enable UWBC to add SBG to its service offerings.”

Joshua Hyman, Director of the UW Biotechnology Center’s DNA sequencing facility adds:

“UWBC is excited to offer services under KeyGene’s SBG patents to its partners and collaborators, to advance our understanding of genetic variation in crops, animals and model species.”

Press release – KeyGene licenses University of Wisconsin Sequence-Based Genotyping Patents