Koen Nijbroek

January 25, 2018
Already during the job interview I got inspired by KeyGene’s informal culture and the diversity and complexity of its projects.

Next Generation Sequencing, genetic research and ‘the digital world’ fascinate me a lot, which is why KeyGene’s NGS projects are a great challenge for me. I can use my expertise in my work and at the same time broaden my experience in working in a company. Besides that, I learn a lot from my senior colleagues, who listen to my ideas and suggestions. A perfect combination for me.
My career as bioinformatician at KeyGene only started recently. It is my first job after my BSc study. Already during the job interview I got inspired by KeyGene’s informal culture and the diversity and complexity of its projects. It has not been a deliberate choice for me to work in a plant biotechnology company. It could have been another environment as well. Nevertheless, I discovered that I really enjoy working in KeyGene’s green environment, since I can contribute my expertise on many different topics. I hope to be able to develop my career during the next few years in research, for example to become a bioinformatics scientist or to grow into (project) management.