Kim Jansen

December 13, 2017
At KeyGene I have had the chance to use my coaching experience in a team building project.

My uncle, who worked in a laboratory, as well as my interest in finding solutions to problems, inspired me to choose an education in (lab)technology and biology to become a technician. But I was also curious to know more about themes such as coaching, team building and management, which I why I followed various courses on these subjects. 

At KeyGene I have the possibility to combine my interests in my daily work. Together with a group of technicians I work on innovative research projects, using the latest facilities. Moreover, at KeyGene I have had the chance to use my coaching experience in a team building project. And being member of the Works Council has given me the possibility to use various competences and to continue learning. In the future I would like to follow two of my passions: helping people (team based) to get the best out of themselves and playing a part in the latest developments in research/biotech.