Michiel de Both

December 13, 2017
My fascination is to know everything about genes and how the genetic information operates within a cell.

I have been working at KeyGene for more than 23 years. During this period I have seen the company growing and experienced worldwide developments in new technologies. I have been able to learn from and work with a great number of international highly esteemed scientists, which has given me the possibility to build up a vast global network. My fascination is to know everything about genes and how the genetic information operates within a cell. I studied biology and plant genetics at Groningen University (NL) and did my PhD research in plant cell biology in the UK. After 30 years of experience in plant biotechnology I am still fascinated by research in this field. Moreover, KeyGene has given me the opportunity to grow in my professional career and this process continues to this day. Working in industry has given me unique opportunities to work on truly innovative breakthrough innovations with state-of-the-art equipment, which would hardly have been possible elsewhere. The future at KeyGene continues to hold more challenges for me, in gene editing, epigenetics and cell biology, but also in coaching and working with a young generation of scientists. I am sure I will also be challenged by strategic issues and by new business opportunities.