Stephen Schauer

December 13, 2017
…the challenging part is asking the right questions: if you ask the right questions, the answers are usually obvious.

I grew up in a family where science was part of daily life, and exposure to plant biology started early as my father had grown up farming and my mother was trained as a plant biologist. Without realizing it, this inherited fascination with biology, plants, and genes has grown ever since and has ultimately lead me to KeyGene. What I like most about research is “being constantly amazed”. Even though I have been in research for a while, it still fascinates me to uncover a new set of genes, find out what they do or how they interact. In research, I have found that the challenging part is asking the right questions: if you ask the right questions, the answers are usually obvious.

With respect to KeyGene I really appreciate the close contact and a good dynamic between the two sites. Leading the R&D efforts of the US team, I am excited to work with clients and help spur innovation. My passion is to continue to play a role in solving challenging problems through innovation and to contribute to the global challenge of a sustainable world with sufficient food for everyone.