Plant defense systems contribute to reliable food production

January 16, 2018


How can we reduce the loss of crop yield and thereby increasing food and feed production without the use of chemicals?

World food challenge: produce more food on less land with a smaller environmental footprint.
Fact: 45 % of fruits and vegetables is lost on their way to the consumer:
– agriculture
– post harvesting
– processing
– distribution
– consumption
Plagues and pests are responsible for a large part of the crop loss during the agricultural process.
In addition to this: pest control by the use of chemicals is more and more restricted in many countries. A solution for this would greatly contribute to our current challenges.

One of the themes of KeyGene’s research on crop improvement is disease resistance. It is our goal to equip plants with effective defense systems so they are able to protect themselves (and not chemical agents) against pests and plagues.