Post-Doc/Scientist/Senior Scientist Crop Molecular Genetics (based in the US)

KeyGene is looking for a Post-Doc/Scientist/Senior Scientist in Molecular Genetics who will join the US Research and Development team in Rockville, Maryland, USA. The position will report to the Director of Applied Systems Biology and be commensurate with experience. Activities associated with this position include:

Molecular Biology: Plan, execute, collect, and analyze data and present results in a professional and concise manner on the discovery and characterization of genes. Be able to communicate the results to a diverse audience, internal and external, at different managerial levels. Perform laboratory activities, including experimental design, protocol optimization, management of databases, and bibliographic search. Improve laboratory processes, troubleshoot, and validate protocols.

Genetics: Leading research activities by planning and effectively conducting genetics experiments, recording, and analyzing data. Plan, execute, collect, and analyze data and present results in a professional and concise manner for crossing, RIL development and characterization, QTL analysis, marker discovery, PCO analysis, Genome-Wide Association Studies, and Marker Assisted Selection. Be able to communicate the results to a diverse audience, internal and external, at different managerial levels.

Project management: Develop a strategy, plan, organize tasks and data collected. Meet deadlines and complete milestones. Be able to write technical presentations and reports. Maintain detailed records of the research tasks and inventory of laboratory materials.

Management: Mentor, train and manage human resources within the reporting structure when necessary. Assign weekly tasks and check that the tasks are carried out on time and within the customer specifications. Optimize the use of resources by analyzing processes and helping the reports to perform repetitive tasks in an efficient manner. Promote laboratory automation when possible. Be up to date on the latest innovative technologies relevant to the projects being managed and bring these technologies into KeyGene as needed. Maintain a high standard of laboratory safety.

The candidate must have strong self-motivation and the ability to conceptualize and establish breakthrough innovations in crop breeding, keep up to date with the literature, set goals, make decisions, communicate with the rest of the team, and effectively solve problems. Excellent personal interaction skills are needed for fostering teamwork, enhancing a good working environment, and effectively developing strong internal and external working relationships with a diverse group of people. Effective communication skills in spoken and written English and a proven ability to work well with a wide range of individuals are critical for this level.

At the most senior level of this position, the job requires leading multiple research projects in parallel, efficient planning and organizational skills, adaptable personality and quick learning skills, and flexibility and adoption of State-of-the-Art techniques. Additionally, the level will require leadership skills, teamwork, and excellent communications skills.

Required Qualifications/Skill Sets:

  • Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology, Genetics, or related field. An MS with at least 10+ years of industry experience will also be considered
  • Knowledge and understanding of plant physiology, plant development, genome editing, and plant transformation
  • Extensive experience with molecular biology assays and associated instrumentation used in nucleic acid extraction, quantification, and analysis (such as NGS).
  • Ability to design and execute molecular cloning strategies for vector construction using standard and advanced cloning techniques.
  • Ability to evaluate genetic relationships from phenotypic and molecular information
  • Extensive experience in statistical analysis

Desired Qualifications/Skill Sets:

  • Over 10 years Post-graduate Industry experience
  • Experience with commercially relevant crops
  • Experience in systems biology and genomics
  • Experience in the application of molecular breeding as part of commercial breeding operations
  • Experience with population genetics and evolution

KeyGene offer
KeyGene USA offers a dynamic job with a competitive salary and benefits in an exciting, highly innovative, and ambitious research company. At KeyGene USA you will become part of a passionate, inviting, and collaborative team.
You will be able to work on the continuous development of our technology platforms and so contribute to our internationally recognized position in agro-biotech research.

More information
Additional information about the position can be obtained from Joanne Zhou, Accounting and Administrative Assistant at 

If you are interested in this vacancy, please send your letter of motivation and cv to