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The natural way to add value to your crops

It’s a green gene revolution: sustainable molecular genetic responses to the world’s need for yield stability, quality and health of crops

The natural way to add value to your crops


The development of high quality, high yield, pest and stress resistant crops is key to success. KeyGene understands your business and helps you with the creation of competitive advantages.
wheat Shaping wheat for the future
Illustration of a fruitful partnership: KeyGene and Bayer CropScience
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Keygene_rye First Hybrid Rye - PollenPlus®
Development of a hybrid rye which contains ergot resistance.
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130929 - Ball - Black Velvet  Petunia __PET10-10448AL Black Velvet Petunia
A quick and cost-effective way to protect breeders material.
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To develop new varieties, there is a strong need for new genetic methods delivering novel trait/crop characteristics. We provide innovative technologies & traits for your breeding programs.
bloem_105 Oil palm breeding accelerated
A demonstration of the power of molecular markers
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keygene Novel crop for natural rubber production
Imagine an annual root crop growing in temperate regions producing 700 kg of natural rubber per ha.
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katoen_105 The Commercial Cotton Coalition (CCC)
The CCC: a joint initiative led by KeyGene and designed to serve the Cotton breeding companies.
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Solutions for the next generation of agricultural challenges
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