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Technician plant cell biology

As member of the KeyGene team, you will be working in projects, which contribute to the development of innovative technologies for plant breeding. Your experience with plant tissue culture and transformation techniques and molecular biological techniques will help to further improve the quality of our research.

Data Engineer

As researcher in a project based R&D environment, you will be part of the Innovation for Crops unit. There you will be involved in projects aimed at the development of molecular genetic tools for breeding programs and gene validation methods for research programs. Your experience with state-of-the-art quantitative crop genetics, molecular genetics and molecular biology techniques, cell biology, data analytics and scripting will contribute to further development of our innovative research.

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what we do
Working at KeyGene
KeyGene helps strategic partners and customers with cutting edge molecular breeding technology and trait platforms to develop game changing opportunities. For this highly skilled employees are needed.
Postdoc Program
To keep on delivering sustainable molecular genetic responses to the world’s needs for yield stability and quality of crops, KeyGene depends on attracting and retaining scientific talent. Our postdoc talent pool is of critical importance for our scientific contributions to our customers.
KeyGene is open to applications from students who are interested in a practical training period in a R&D and commercial environment. Students are positioned on the basis of their interests in the Netherlands or the U.S.
Employee stories
Niek Bouman
Researcher Bioinformatics

Our team consists of junior and senior experts, which I really enjoy because we can learn from each other and are able to solve breaking issues in bioinformatics

Anker Sørensen
VP New Business

In my present position I enjoy having a lot of interaction with customers and being challenged in finding research solutions to their questions

Koen Nijbroek
Technician Bioinformatics

Already during the job interview I got inspired by KeyGene’s informal culture and the diversity and complexity of its projects.