Plantenveredeling: successen uit het verleden, voedsel voor de toekomst!

Event date: 13/06/2018

Je bent van harte welkom op deze inspirerende middag die door Wageningen University & Research en KeyGene wordt georganiseerd ter gelegenheid van het honderdjarig bestaan van de Wageningen University & Research.

In de supermarkt liggen gemiddeld zo’n vijftien verschillende soorten tomaten in de schappen: grote en kleine, zoete en zure, gele en rode, noem het maar op. Deze grote keuze is te danken aan plantenveredeling, vaak door Nederlandse plantenveredelaars. En plantenveredeling heeft er bijvoorbeeld ook voor gezorgd dat je van moderne tarwe-rassen minder dan een tiende hectare nodig hebt om een persoon een heel jaar te eten te kunnen geven!

Mooie successen die we nu als vanzelfsprekend zien. Successen waar visie, ambitie en vooral een enorm doorzettingsvermogen achter zit van duizenden plantenveredelaars. En dan te bedenken dat de plantenveredelaars het in het verleden moesten doen zónder de moderne veredelingstechnieken die de veredelaars nu kunnen gebruiken. Daarom is er een enorm perspectief voor nieuwe successen.

Masterclasses, bezoek aan kassen & debat
Op woensdag 13 juni begeleid dagvoorzitter Hidde Boersma, wetenschapsjournalist en documentairemaker, u langs doorbraken uit het verleden en verwachtingen voor de toekomst en kunt u in masterclasses uw kennis over ‘veredelen op smaak’ en ‘veredelen met deep learning’ op peil brengen. Ook is er de mogelijkheid een kijkje te nemen in de Unifarm onderzoekkas, met demo’s over virtual reality breeding, CRISPR Cas en bananenveredeling.

Kijk voor meer informatie en aanmelden op onderstaande link. De toegang is gratis.

‘Plantenveredeling: successen uit het verleden, voedsel voor de toekomst!’ 
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Nov 30: Join KeyGene & GENALICE Seminar on Solutions for Agrigenomic Big Data Challenges

Event date: 30/11/2017

Genalice and KeyGene invite you for an inspiring seminar entitled:

Generate, Process, and Apply. Solutions for Agrigenomic big data challenges

The Agri & Food industry has to solve the big data challenges brought by the next generation sequencing revolution. More data is better as it provides more insights for better breeding strategies. The enormous amount of generated data however has to be processed and applied in such a way that it creates added value rather than headaches over heavy, lengthy and costly computing time. This symposium, organized by KeyGene and GENALICE, will focus on the genomic big data challenges i.e. processing and application, by highlighting techniques and solutions. Cases from industry are included.

After the seminar you will know more about how to process and apply big data in a faster, better and easier way. You will have more clarity on how the continuously growing flow of big data can add value for your business. You are most welcome to attend this FREE seminar which will be held at KeyGene in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Joining online is possible.

Already confirmed speakers:
Hans van Leeuwen, Bayer Crop Science
Bas Tolhuis, GENALICE
Antoine Jansen, KeyGene
Björn Usadel, Aachen University, Institute for Biology

Date: November 30, 2017
Time: 1 – 5.30 pm
Place: KeyGene, Wageningen or online

Feel invited to register on Eventbrite:

Eventbrite - KeyGene & GENALICE: Solutions for Agrigenomic Big Data Challenges

Genomics is a Big Data science and is going to get much bigger, very soon. It is estimated that genomics is a “four-headed beast”—it is either on par with or the most demanding of the domains i.e. Astronomy, Twitter & Youtube in terms of data acquisition, storage, distribution, and analysis. (PLOS Biology | DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002195 July 7, 2015)
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Recruit Your Employer!

Event date: 22/06/2017

What about your career? Already several years on track and ready for a next challenging step? Or did you just finish study and about to start with your career? Looking for an employer where you can (further) deploy and develop your talents? You can start right here! By joining our RECRUIT YOUR EMPLOYER event. At this event with inspirational sessions you will be able to get to know KeyGene (better), meet up with our experts and find out if we can be part of your future career. Feel invited to join!

We are continuously looking for new talents and perhaps you are one of them! Whether you’re a young, ambitious scientist or an enthusiastic technician (MSc, BSc or PhD) in a relevant field, we would love to meet you.

A relevant field could be: biotechnology, plant breeding, moleculair biology, applied biology, cell biology, traits/plant diseases, bioinformatica, data science or mathematics/ statistics in combination with biology

Would you like to join our RECRUIT YOUR EMPLOYER event? Show your interest by clicking the button I am interested. A few questions will be asked about your background and career. We will use your answers to find out if there’s an initial fit with KeyGene. To ensure you get the most out of your valuable time. Within one week we will get back to you to let you know if we think there’s a match.

Let’s meet and connect at our event!

Eventbrite - Recruit Your Employer

The program will contain inspiration sessions, speed dates, round table sessions and networking.

Jesse van Doren,  Growth hacker → How to use social media to build your career
Raymond Hulzink and Charlie Underwood, researchers at KeyGene → Academia or industry? Where do I fit most?
Nicola Bonzanni, founder Enpicom → From researcher to startup

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Crop Innovation and Business 2017

Event date: 02/04/2017 - 04/04/2017

On April 2-4, 2017 the bi-annual Genomics in Business conference will take place in Amsterdam. This three day conference will focus on how R&D-insights lead to novel Agri products that help solve the grand societal challenges.

The goal of the conference is to inspire, to provide possible solutions and to promote an open exchange of information. With this broader aim in mind we have, after seven very successful editions of Genomics in Business, changed the name to CIB: CROP Innovation & Business. The new name better reflects the broader appeal of the conference. The organisation wants to showcase how plant genomics and other related technologies will help tackle societal challenges such as climate adaptation, feeding the world, closing the loop i.e. circular economy and improving health.

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Join KeyGene's seminar on Genotyping!

Event date: 26/01/2017

You are most welcome to attend KeyGene’s seminar on genotyping which will be held on January 26th, 2017 from 1.00 PM to 5.30 PM in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The range of genotyping technologies and platforms currently available and under development is considerable. The choice made by organizations and companies for a platform or technology is usually determined by the specific application for which the generated genotypes are used, as well as the availability of variants and resources.

Genotyping in the Seed & AgroFood Industry: today and in the future

Presentations & Panel discussion
In this seminar invited speakers from breeding and AgBiotech companies will present their experiences in applying genotyping in breeding. Next, the use of the new genotyping technology SNPSelect in crop improvement is discussed. Finally, genotyping from a service provider perspective will be presented. The seminar will be concluded with a panel discussion about future developments in genotyping.

Eventbrite - KeyGene seminar on genotyping


12.30-13.00 – Welcome (registration and coffee)
13.00-13.15 – Introduction – Nathalie van Orsouw, KeyGene
13.15-13.40 – Crop innovation using Sequence-Based Genotyping – Michiel van Eijk, KeyGene
13.40-14.05 – Genotyping applications in vegetable crop breeding – Wessel van Leeuwen, Limagrain Vegetable Seeds
14.05-14.30 – CSI in the world of plants – Hedwich Teunissen, Naktuinbouw R&D

Drinks and networking

15.15-15.40 – Genotyping at LGC Genomics – Joris Parmentier and Emma Greatorex, LGC
15.40-16.30 – Paneldiscussion: The future of genotyping (led by Nathalie van Orsouw, VP Technology Development, KeyGene)

Drinks and networking

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Plant Animal Genome conference 2017: Join us at the KeyGene Workshops!

PAG logo
Event date: 16/01/2017 - 17/01/2017


KeyGene Industry Workshops at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXV on January 16 and 17, 2017 in San Diego, USA.

Free registration now open!


KeyGene: Expediting Innovation in Agriculture

Eventbrite - KeyGene: Expediting Innovation in Agriculture

Monday, January 16, 2017  12:50 PM – 3:00 PM PST – Royal Palm Salon 3-4

KeyGene is a leader in technology innovation. Over the last 28 years, KeyGene scientists have made significant contributions leading to advances in the food and agriculture industry. As the Company continues to maintains its lead in the industry as a key player, this annual workshop is themed towards showcasing new developments within the KeyGene technology pipeline, its strategic partnerships and a sneak preview of its disruptive, virtual reality based breeding tool.


  • KeyGene: The Crop Innovation Company – Fayaz Khazi, KeyGene
  • Crop Innovation Using Sequence Based Genotyping – Michiel van Eijk, KeyGene
  • GENALICE MAP: Getting the Best Possible Yield out of Your NGS Data, Faster, Better, Easier and More Cost-Effective – Bas Tolhuis and Michiel Reessink, GENALICE
  • Virtual Reality Breeding : A Powerful New Tool in Crop Phenotyping  – Marco van Schriek, KeyGene
  • CropPedia, Big Data and Crop Innovation – Anker Sørensen, KeyGene

Translational Agriculture: Opportunities, Technologies and Products

Eventbrite - Translational Agriculture: Opportunities, Technologies and Products

 Tuesday, January 17, 2017 – 1:30 PM – 3:40 PM PST – Royal Palm Salon 3-4

This annual workshop by KeyGene on Translational Agriculture is focused on the impact of innovative technologies and their integration into the product development process by the industry. Invited speakers from multiple industries in food, agriculture and forestry will showcase how their companies view technological advances and discuss the overall impact on the industry and consumers.


  • Translational Agriculture: Promises and Practice – Fayaz Khazi, KeyGene
  • Gene Editing – Pathway to Commercialization – Vonnie Estes, Caribou Biosciences Inc.
  • Crop Improvement at PepsiCo Translates “Plant Potential” into Impact on Food Value-Chains and Consumer – Gabe Gusmini, PepsiCo Inc.
  • Innovative and Sustainable Forest Technology – Alexandre Missiaggia, Fibria S.A
  • How the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and Partners Are Working to Nourish a Growing World – John Reich, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research


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Seminar on Oxford Nanopore Sequencing; Are you ready for the challenges?

Event date: 02/09/2016

Developments in the sequencing field are going very fast. The added value of long read single-molecule technologies has become evident. An entire new array of applications has become possible with portable, real-time biological analysis. United Kingdom based Oxford Nanopore™ Technologies is the market leader in this field and shows a lot of potential with their MinION and PromethION systems.

Applications and Challenges of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing in the Life Science Industry

Registration: Fill in this contact form with message “Registration ONT seminar Sep-2

BaseClear, together with KeyGene and Generade and with the support of Oxford Nanopore Technologies and ZF Screens, organizes two seminars about the applications and challenges of Oxford Nanopore sequencing in the Life Science Industry. The seminars provide you the latest updates and insights in applications of this important research field. The first edition was held on April 14th in Wageningen with a focus on applications in the agro industry and was a great success. The second seminar will be held in Leiden on September 2nd and will address the applications of this technology within the industrial biotechnology. National and international experts will share their knowledge and experience in respect to the Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. You are most welcome on Friday September 2nd at Corpus, Leiden (The Netherlands). The program will take from 13:00 – 17:30. Free admission!

13.00 Registration
13.20 – Opening remarks by Bas Reichert (CEO), BaseClear BV
13.30 – Clive Brown (CTO), Oxford Nanopore Technologies
14.00 – Matt Loose (Associate Professor), The University of Nottingham
14.30 – Adalberto Costessi (Product manager Next Gen sequencing), BaseClear BV
15.00 – Break and networking
16.00 – Prof. Peter Punt (CTO), Dutch DNA biotech BV
16.30 – Hans Jansen (Laboratory Manager), ZF Screens
17.00 – Christiaan Henkel (Genome biologist / Lector Bioinformatics), Generade / University of Leiden
17.30 – Drinks

The seminar is organized by BaseClear, KeyGene and Generade and supported by Oxford Nanopore Technologies and ZF Screens.
logo ONT

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Webinar CropPedia on June 15

Event date: 15/06/2016

Looking for a fast marker development tool? Do you want to perform lead discovery in an easy and effective way? On June 15, 2016 KeyGene organizes a webinar on CropPedia, our data integration, visuzalization & knowlegde sharing tool. You are most welcome to attend this webinar; feel invited to register by filling in the form below. We offer two time slots, please make a choice by selecting one of them. The number of attendees that can join the webinar is limited. In case the number of registrations exceeds the maximum number we will organize an additional webinar. Join our webinar and find out how CropPedia can boost your research!

Click here for more information on CropPedia or to request a free CropPedia trial directly.

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Seminar on Oxford Nanopore Sequencing

Event date: 14/04/2016
Maximum number of participants is reached. Registration is closed! 

You’re most welcome to attend the next seminar which will be held at BaseClear in Leiden, the Netherlands: September 2nd, 2016. More information will follow.

Developments in the sequencing field are going very fast. The added value of long read single-molecule technologies has become evident. An entire new array of applications become possible with portable, real-time biological analysis. United Kingdom based Oxford Nanopore™ Technologies is the market leader in this field and shows a lot of potential with their MinION and PromethION systems. The seminar

Applications and Challenges of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing in the Life Science Industry

provides you the latest updates and insights in applications of this important research field. This edition is the first of two seminars organized in 2016 by KeyGene and BaseClear. National and international experts will share their knowledge and experience in respect to the Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. The focus of this seminar will be on the agro industry. The second seminar, hosted by BaseClear in Leiden will take place on September 2nd, 2016 and will address the industrial biotechnology.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Michiel van Eijk, KeyGene
    • Introduction 
  • Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore Technologies
    • Real time, portable DNA sequencing using nanopore sensing
  • Christiaan Henkel, Univ. Leiden/Generade
    • Sequencing the giant tulip genome
  • Luigi Faino, Wageningen University and Research Centre
    • Genome upgrade and annotation using Nanopore sequencing
  • Raymond Hulzink, KeyGene
    • Oxford Nanopore sequencing of complex plant genomes: big data ….. big deal?
  • Massimo Delledonne, Univ. Verona, Italy
    • MinION: a portable experience

The seminar is organized by KeyGene and BaseClear and supported by Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

BC_CMYK_ex-figuurONT wheel lock up

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KeyGene Workshop at PAG 2016: Technologies for Translational Agriculture

PAG logo
Event date: 11/01/2016

We invite you to attend KeyGene’s workshop at PAG 2016 on Technologies for Translational Agriculture.  ​Distinguished speakers from industry and academia will highlight the need to integrate technology to achieve disruptive innovation in agriculture.  Come, join this important discussion with leaders who are changing global agriculture! 


Venue: Royal Palm Salon 5-6; 12:50 PM – 3:00 PM
Date: Monday, January 11 2016
Time: 12:50 pm – 3:00 pm

Technologies for Translational Agriculture workshop

12:50 pm – Dr. Fayaz Khazi (CEO, KeyGene USA)
Introduction to KeyGene and the speakers

1:00 pm – Dr. Maurice Moloney (Executive Director and CEO, Global Institute for Food Security)
Designing Crops for Global Food Security

Rapid advances on genomic sciences of our major crops are revolutionizing the way we perform plant breeding through marker-assisted selection and genomic breeding. The world of genomics is highly digital. However, phenotyping of crop plants is essentially analog at this point. Most of it is still done by human observation. While analog breeding utilizes experience and intuition, it limits our ability to search, to apply analytics and to increase the throughput of phenotypic analysis. Although this is a very complex challenge, phenotyping of our major crops will become routinely digitized in the next 10 years. This will enable geneticists around the world to perform functional genomics at speeds hitherto unimagined.  It will also lead to genomic design of crops in which the most desirable alleles are concentrated into elite germplasm using computationally optimized breeding strategies. As with genomics, these tools will be available to breeders anywhere with access to the Internet.

1:20 pm – Dr. Sally Rockey (Executive Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research)​
Innovation in Agriculture: How the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and Partners Are Working to Nourish a Growing World

This presentation will highlight the importance of integrating the latest scientific technologies with food and agriculture systems in order to propel the field forward and meeting rising global food demands. Dr. Rockey will discuss her vision for the newly established Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and the ways in which the Foundation, together with its partners, is working to identify and fund areas of research that are ripe with scientific opportunity.

1:40 pm – Dr. Arjen van Tunen (CEO, KeyGene)
New Crops for the Future: Disruptive AgroFood Innovations by KeyGene

In order to meet the demands for agricultural products in 2020 the amount of production has to double. KeyGene has developed a number of crop innovations that will help to reach this goal. A breakthrough that, amongst others, will be discussed is the identification and cloning of the world’s first apomixis gene (DIP) that will ultimately help to sharply accelerate development and production of new crop varieties.

2:00 pm – Dr. Craig Richael (Director of R & D, Simplot Plant Sciences)
Genetic Improvement of Potato Using the Innate® Genetic Modification Platform:  Successes and Future Prospects

Innate® potatoes are genetically engineered with traits appealing to potato growers, packers, processors, retailers and consumers and in a way that approximates traditional breeding.  Recent market success in the US denotes a place for GM foods if traits are both sustainable and broadly profitable.

2:20 pm – Anker Sorensen (VP New Business, KeyGene)
CropPedia: Integrated interface for discovery and accelerated breeding

KeyGene scientists have developed the next generation of software, which integrates all genomic, genetic, gene annotation and pathway information of crop species into one intuitive tool. CropPedia allows expedited discovery of lead genes associated with traits for biologists and molecular breeders. The interface allows users to develop and share workspaces, jointly working on discovery projects. CropPedia exemplifies the integration and translation of HTP sequencing, modern bioinformatics analysis and biology. This tool will be presented and officially launched during the KeyGene workshop.


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