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We generate large amounts of omics data….but how do we distill information out of this?

How to handle all the files? Where to look? How, and is, the data connected? What are the relevant portions of the data? Where to begin your research….? How to connect internal data with public data resources? What are my candidate genes?

CropPedia is the most comprehensive knowledge platform for fast and effective marker development and gene research. It supports novice and experienced molecular biologists to enhance breeding research by fishing out important trait associated leads by: (1) organizing the data such that these become better accessible, (2) integrating the data, thereby placing the separate data elements into a natural context, (3) annotating the data for a better understanding.

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“KeyGene’s CropPedia is a great tool for data integration, visualization and knowledge sharing between research units. At Vilmorin & Cie Vegetable Seeds Division, we use it for candidate gene discovery in all of our major vegetable crops.” Quang Hien LE, Bioanalyst – Limagrain Vegetable Seeds

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