About us

Our passion

The crop innovation company

KeyGene’s passion is a Green Gene Revolution approach to explore and exploit natural genetic variation in vegetable and other 6F crops. KeyGene is keeping its footprint as small as possible by contributing to the improvement of crops in a natural way.

Our mission

KeyGene delivers sustainable molecular genetic responses to the world’s needs for yield stability, quality & health of 6F crops. KeyGene helps its strategic partners with cutting edge breeding technology and trait platforms to meet their needs in a game changing way.

Keygene about us

What we do

KeyGene assists breeding companies all over the world with their crop development, by providing cutting edge breeding technology and trait improvement platforms.

Our track record:
* KeyGene inside seed products
* Hundreds of commercially used Biomarkers
* Transfer of Knowledge, software & databases to our partners
* Co-development with partners: concrete contribution to the product development of our partners

KeyGene has its headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands, a subsidiary in Rockville, Maryland, USA and a Joint Lab at the Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai, China. With more than 140 employees KeyGene performs strategic and applied research in a dynamic work environment with state of the art facilities and equipment.

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Our strategic shareholders 

KeyGene was founded in 1989 by a number of Dutch seed companies. Their goal was and is to create synergy and higher efficiency in their molecular genetic research programs and thus improve their breeding efforts. Today, KeyGene has four strategic shareholders active in the field of vegetable breeding:

keygene logo RZ keygene vilmorin keygene takii
Enza Zaden Rijk Zwaan Vilmorin & Cie Takii & Co., Ltd.

At the time of its foundation KeyGene employed three people. Since then KeyGene has grown continuously and several times it has had to expand its facilities considerably. Currently, KeyGene employs more than 135 staff.

Download here the KeyGene corporate brochure