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Technology innovation

We develop and apply breakthrough technology innovation for crop improvement, for and with partners around the globe.

Crop improvement

We use proprietary technology innovation to support partners around the globe to boost their crop improvement.

KeyGene's impact

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Accelerated breeding of impatiens resistant to downy mildew

KeyGene supported Ball Horticultural in the USA to reveal, understand and utilize the genetic variation at hand within their germplasm, for accelerated breeding of impatiens varieties resistant to downy mildew

Hybrid rice for farmers in India

Experts from KeyGene and Bioseed, part of DCM Shriram in India, together developed rice lines that can be used by Biodseed to breed hybrid rice varieties that meet the demands…

Genetics unraveled crucial to making crop plants produce clonal seeds through apomixis

Thanks to over 15 years of fundamental research at KeyGene, breakthroughs were achieved in understanding and using genes crucial to develop crop plants that produce 'clonal' seeds through apomixis