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An alternative approach for disease resistance

From DNA fingerprint technology to latest DNA sequencing innovations

Apomixis Breeding: A Disruptive Innovation

what we do
Genome Insights
Cutting edge technologies for a strong genomic and genetic understanding of your crop of interest
The Digital Phenotype
Objective and robust phenotyping gives advantage in the growing genomic insights
Cell & Tissue Design
Methods and technologies to optimize the regeneration abilities of plant cells and tissues
Trait Discovery
Gene and marker identification and validation for the expression of traits and phenotypes
Genomic Breeding
For increased effectiveness and efficiency of parent selection, breeding scheme and selection process
Precision Breeding
Non GM technologies to deliver (pre) breeding material or even true to type varieties with one superior trait
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Wageningen (The Netherlands)
Scientific Programmer

As Scientific Programmer you will participate in diverse software development projects

Wageningen (The Netherlands)
Technician Trait Biology

You will be part of the trait biology team that focuses on dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying biotic stresses in crop plants.

Wageningen (The Netherlands)
Postdoc Sequence Algorithms

As talented scientist you will contribute to the development of our population-scale pan-genomics platform