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Careers at KeyGene

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our enthusiastic, diverse team of experts!



At KeyGene you will be working in an enthusiastic, diverse team, harboring top experts in many different disciplines, working together to develop and apply technology innovation for future plant breeding.

Check out the clip in which three KeyGeners share what working at KeyGene means to them.

At KeyGene we pride ourselves on our great team. Do you think you could be a good fit? We look forward to hearing from you!

Work at KeyGene

Our vacancies

Leading strategic innovation and R&D programs in the field of software development, data science and cloud computing.

Data & AI Innovation Lead

KeyGene is always open to applications from students who are interested in an internship in a research and business environment.

Internships at KeyGene

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Open applications

KeyGene develops and applies technology innovation for crop improvement, for and with partners, with a highly skilled and passional international team.


KeyGene is open to applications from students who are interested in a practical training period in a R&D and commercial environment. Students are positioned on the basis of their interests in the Netherlands or the U.S.