Societal challenges – KeyGene’s contribution

Societal challenges – KeyGene’s contribution

‘Combining technologies, in-depth knowledge of plant traits with data science and bioinformatics for the sake of plant innovation, that is what we do, in a nutshell.

And that is what we have been doing since 1989. It’s work that my colleagues and I strongly connect with. It’s work that, if you do the right things, really makes a difference, because it’s about connecting with the big societal challenges that need to be addressed.

Think about the impact of climate change and global warming, the ongoing loss of arable land and the worrisome erosion of soil, the soaring demand for enough and better food connected with the growth of the world population, limited resources and pest and plaques. 

As a consequence, agri- and horticulture are expected to produce much more with better quality while using less fertilizers and less land. It’s clear that we need game-changing and radical solutions. 

KeyGene’s contribution lies in its innovative strength and the passion and ability we have to come up with unconventional solutions. Solutions that are urgently needed by the public and private sector in agriculture, seed businesses, agro-food companies and the farmers, to support them in dealing with those big challenges’. 

Arjen J. van Tunen – CEO KeyGene

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