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The inventors developed a genomic selection method based on genome-wide complementarity, taking into account recombination probabilities. Via the computation of a Genomic Estimated Breeding Values (GEBVs) for combinations of individuals of a breeding population, KeyGene® Directed Genomic Selection allows to efficiently select optimal combinations of breeding parents resulting in the best performing offspring for one or more traits of interest.


As cost-effective genotyping techniques are emerging, genomic selection becomes an interesting alternative for breeders to marker-assisted selection and/or phenotype selection. Genomic selection is especially beneficial for highly complex traits or combinations of traits. The prediction-based strategy of the present invention making use of genotype/phenotype models allows for selecting without actual phenotyping.


In order to save costly breeding time, selecting the optional combinations of breeding parents is crucial. KeyGene® Directed Genomic Selection allows to bring about the best performing offspring in a minimal number of breeding cycles.


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