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The invention provides graft hybrid plants with one or more epidermis-based improved complex traits, e.g. pest or disease resistance. The invention uses the 2S1® graft hybrid technology to produce crop plants that obtained a desired L1 localized trait in a very time-efficient way, as it only requires introgression of that trait in the L1 layer of the crop plant.


Though the production of graft hybrids is in itself an established technology, it has never been used for the purpose of the present invention. By replacing many time-consuming breeding steps, the 2S1® graft hybrid technology results in commercially relevant crops that gained desired traits from wild species in a vastly reduced breeding time.


The high-quality 2S1® graft hybrid plants of the present invention can be produced in a very time-efficient way, which will have a huge impact on plant breeding.


Click on the link for an overview of the patent families in the European Patent Register: WO2018/115395

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