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The invention relates to methods and kits for nucleic acid sample preparation for sequencing. In particular, the invention provides the (use of) a combination of at least two nucleotide sequence barcodes, indicated as combinatorial sequence barcodes or split barcodes, for identifying sample origin in high-throughput sequencing.


Making use of unique combinations of barcodes, provided to sequence templates by adapter ligation and/or primer amplification, dramatically increases multiplex level options with the same number of required barcodes. In addition, a specific format of the invention allows for single-read double tagging, resulting in a reduction of sequence costs by 50%.


The present patent family, together with the KeyGene’s patent family on Sequence based genotyping (SBG/GBS)KeyPoint® Breeding, KeyGene® SNPSelect, revolutionize the discovery, detection and use of polymorphisms.


Click on the link for an overview of the patent family in the European Patent Register: WO2011/155833 and and WO2013/009175

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