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The invention is in the field of agriculture, in particular in the field of crop improvement for processing, more particularly in the field of sesquiterpene lactones (STL) biosynthesis in plants. The inventors have identified a decrease in STL production and increased levels of squalene and phenolic compounds upon reducing the expression of Germacrene A Synthase (GAS) genes.


The plant of the invention, and method of producing the same, results in improved crops, in particular chicory, that are for instance more valuable for further industrial processing and medical applications.


The development of crops with reduced levels of sesquiterpene lactone (STL) eases inulin extraction from inulin producing (root) crops like chicory and the production of less bitter (leaf) crops, thereby making these varieties more suitable for other markets. In addition, the resulting increased squalene and phenolic compounds in these varieties find useful industrial applications. The present invention meets that need by providing such plants and methods of the production thereof.


Click on the link for an overview of the patent families in the European Patent Register: WO2021/122982

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