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KeyGene reference: P168


The invention provides seeds with improved germination quality, by pollination of graft hybrid mother plants. Using the 2S1® graft hybrid technology, the inventors discovered a method to produce seeds that have improved germination capacity, germination uniformity, and germination rate, without changing the genotype of the seeds.


The method is especially beneficial for seeds suffering from low germination quality, in inbreds or F1-hybrids. F1 hybrid seed can have a high commercial value but, depending on the cross combination, germination and seedling quality may not meet commercial standards. The present invention provides a powerful solution thereto and turns elite germplasm with inferior seed into high-quality seed producers.


By significantly improving seed germination quality, this groundbreaking invention can help breeders broaden their range of marketable varieties.


Click on the link for an overview of the patent families in the European Patent Register: WO2018/115396

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