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The invention relates to the use of Mad7, a Type V CRISPR nuclease, for genome editing in plant cells. Type V CRISPR systems are two-component systems requiring a nuclease and a crRNA for guidance. The type V CRISPR system based on the nuclease Mad7 was found to be highly effective in plant cell genome editing, and more effective as compared to a CRIPSR system based on another type V CIRSPR nuclease, Cpf1.


Genome editing technologies are rapidly emerging. CRISPR system nucleases are highly agile and easily programmable. Type V CRISPR nucleases are beneficial as they on use a single RNA element for guidance: a crRNA. The type V nuclease Mad7 was found highly effective in plant cells in inducing genomic variation.


Understanding the function of genes is essential for efficient breeding of improved crops. Efficient targeted genome editing technologies are important research tools in gene validation and may be used for introduction of new traits in crop germplasm. The present invention contributes thereto.


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