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KeyGene reference: P221


The invention provides for methods and kits for high molecular weight (HMW) nucleic acid library preparation, making use of hydrogels in order to effectively reduce shear stress.



Nucleic acid handling often results in breaking of long strands, which hampers assembly of sequences after sequencing, whereby important information related to genome structure and gene arrangements is lost.

The present invention avoids the need to isolate and manipulate DNA in an aqueous solution, thereby preventing shear stress and allowing for the isolation and processing of (ultra) HMW genomic DNA fragments ready to be loaded on long read sequencing platforms and optical genome mapping platforms.


Advancing platforms for DNA sequencing and optical genome mapping, such as nanopore sequencing, allow for the sequencing of ultra-long sequencing strands in a single read. The success of such methods is majorly determined by the length and purity of the DNA strands used as input material for such sequencing platforms. The present technology provides a solution thereto.


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