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The invention relates to (dynamic) 3D visualization of individual plants and the association of 3D plant images with plant characteristic data, such as phenotypic data, genotypic data, and data on plant development and/or experimental conditions.


The invention allows the creation of a virtual reality greenhouse that can be accessed by breeders independent of their location, and creates the option to inspect and/or decide on experimentation and/or breeding at a distance. Via the virtual reality greenhouse of the invention, plant breeders worldwide can benefit from specific expertise without requiring such specialists to be on-site.


Specific breeders expertise is scarce, highly valuable and often temporarily needed. The present invention provides a solution by no longer requiring specialized staff to be on-site for inspection and/or decision making. In addition the invention fits in a more sustainable way of working by avoiding the need for people to travel.


Click on the link for an overview of the patent family in the European Patent Register: WO2018/130606

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