New records long-read sequencing

March 14, 2017

The developments around the various next generation sequencing platforms are going fast! Several times a year updates of those platforms result in not only higher throughput but also longer reads. Within KeyGene a new record long-read sequences is reached. Our Pacific Biosciences Sequel platform (V2 chemistry) now generates sequences with a mean read lengths of ≥ 10 kb and a throughput of ≥ 5 Gb per SMRT cell. That means more than five tomato genomes can be sequenced in a single SMRT cell! The highest yielding SMRT cell even had an output of 8.5 Gb. This long read platform is ideal for (1) whole genome sequencing and subsequent assembly of complex plant genomes, (2) detection of structural variation and (3) full-length transcriptome sequencing to support and improve gene prediction.

KeyGene is also frontrunner in the nanopore sequencing field. With the MinION platform, also new output records were reached. Recently KeyGene was the first who reached throughputs > 12 Gb per flowcell on the MinION platform. Sequencing crops with large and complex genomes using these platforms is becoming more and more cost effective. Are you interested in or want to have more information about one of our sequencing platforms? Our expert Alexander Wittenberg will be happy to answer your questions.