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20 June 2024

“It’s not all about genes in our research”

KeyGene 35 years: interview with Jeroen Stuurman, one of KeyGene's inventors

20 June 2024

“KeyGene helped us to democratize sequencing technology”

KeyGene 35 years: an interview with Dan Fordham, Oxford Nanopore Technologies

20 June 2024

“Speed and precision are the passion and purpose of our collaboration”

KeyGene 35 years: an interview with Ponnusamy Umashankar, Mahindra Agri Solutions (MASL)

21 May 2024

Directed boosting of crop biodiversity is at reach

World biodiversity day: Directed boosting of biodiversity in crops is at reach

15 May 2024

Inventor Talks – Targeted Translocations with Paul Bundock

In this Inventor Talk, we’re excited to introduce Paul, co-inventor of a KeyGene patent on Targeted Translocations. Recently, KeyGene successfully defended this patent against a reexamination challenge, reaffirming its significance in the field of crop improvement.

2 May 2024

Meet KeyGene at the ISF World Seed Congress in Rotterdam

This May, the 100 Years ISF World Seed Congress is organized in Rotterdam. KeyGene is proud to be involved in this historic event in several ways.

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