7 September 2023

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KeyGene participant in trade mission to India led by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte, minister-president, minister van Algemene Zaken.
Beeld: ©RVD – Valerie Kuypers en Martijn Beekman

10 – 14 September 2023, KeyGene will participate in the trade mission to India, led by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mr Mark Rutte. The companies selected for this trade mission aim to increase collaboration, trade opportunities and investments in India. The agro-food sector is one of the focus areas of the trade mission. KeyGene’s participation will be led by Roeland van Ham, CEO of KeyGene.

Roeland van Ham, CEO of KeyGene

Roeland van Ham, CEO of KeyGene, will lead KeyGene’s participation in the trade mission to India

KeyGene has been present in India for over 15 years, working with research-focused Indian seed companies, bringing in proprietary knowledge, know-how and innovative technologies for precision breeding and crop improvement.

With its participation in the trade mission, KeyGene wants to deepen its commitment to India as a technology and knowledge provider, bringing upstream applied technologies and innovative crop improvement technologies to companies in the agro-food sector. This will support partners in India to develop novel crop varieties that are resilient to the vagaries of the climate, tolerant to pests and diseases, and highly productive.